Free Psychic Reading ?

Pete Green, Astrologer

And, yes, this is me. I am a "real" person. At least I think that I am!!!!
And I too am always on the lookout for a bargain. But I am also very aware that if something looks too good to be true then it probably is too good to be true. And in my experience that apples to the possibility of any genuine medium, clairvoyant or astrologer being able to offer a genuinely free psychic reading over the phone. But we do have one very genuine offer for you....

Get up to 7 minutes FREE when you book by Credit Card

There are literally thousands of sites available on the internet which promise you a "free" psychic reading.

Have a look at them, and I think that you will find that what they all offer you is either rubbish, or even sometimes completely fraudulent.
Roughly there are the following types of "Free Psychic Reading" on offer:

1) Sprat to Catch a Mackerel

*For "Free Psychic Reading" read "First" psychic reading. Nothing much will be said, and you will have to give all your credit card details for a more in depth "Full" (and by no means free) psychic reading)
*"Free Psychic Reading sent to your email address"
*"Free Psychic Reading" -if you fill in this form
Errr... does the term "Data Mining" or "Identity Theft" mean anything to you?

So what can we offer you?

Firstly I can personally promise you that all our readers are genuine psychics. Each one of them has been independently tested by the Circle before being allowed to work on our lines.

That includes myself (reader PIN 3241)

Secondly if you have any problems whatsoever with any of us simply phone our Customer Care line.

We aim to offer you an accurate and ethical Psychic Reading.

But in order to do be able to do this we have to charge you for our services, as we are all very human and still have to eat and pay our mortgages!!!!

However, if you'd like to pay by Credit Cards, then we can offer you something for free. Up to 7 minutes of time. I know that it' not much, but those few minutes might just make the crucial difference....


Of course,

it would be perfectly accurate for us to say that we will always give you a Free Psychic Reading. After all you only actually pay for the cost of the phone call!

2) Completely fraudulent readings

This type of site is usually headed by a named so called "personality" who promises you his or her personal attention.
Hmmm... think about it. Potentially a few thousand people a day will look at that site at all hours of the day and night. And that one person is always there, happy and alert and ready to give a free psychic reading to everyone who calls them?

3) Computer generated readings.

You simply tap in your question and you get a vague answer. Actually my grandchildren have a toy lap top which does exactly the same thing. Have fun with these sites. I've tried asking the question "Is Bryndie cheating on me?" and had some strange answers seeing as Bryndie is my very affectionate young lurcher.



You can phone our Psychic Live Line 0906 176 0699 £1.53/min* at any time
Or dial Free phone 0800 0678 699 to make a Credit Card booking.
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