Astrology readings by phone

Pete Green is a leading member of our team of internationally famous Psychics and Astrologers

Astrology readings by phone can be very successful readings. Your personal Astrologer is able read a great deal about you by studying your Astrological birth-chart, and can often see where your life is heading.

The reason that Astrology is so well suited to readings by phone is that a modern Astrologer can use a computer to instantly calculate the positions and movements of the planets when you were born. This means that the very complicated calculations needed to draw your birth chart can be made as quickly as your astrologer can speak! And a skilled astrologer can "read" your birth chart as quickly as you can read this page. Only the Chart itself, not the actual reading is computer generated Your Astrology Reading by phone is very specific to you, and is given by using the skills and expertise of one of our team of World Class expert Astrologers.

Readings will usually include relationships, career choices, and similar information. However, please note that the ICSTIS regulations mean that we do not deal with health matters.

In order to construct an accurate birth chart for you,

your Astrologer will ask you if you know your time, date, and place of birth.

Of course not every one knows all this, and you can still have a very accurate astrology reading by phone, even without these details


If you would like to have a genuine Astrology reading by phone, simply phone us on 08000 670 596, and you can then arrange a suitable time for one of our astrology team to phone you. This is a “Free phone” number, and you will be able to pay for your reading by any major credit card

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