Credit Card Bookings

the simple way to pay for your reading

When you use one of our "Live Lines" then the cost of that Premium Rate number will be added to your next telephone bill. Alternatively if you are using a "Pay as you Go" mobile, then you may well run out of credit half way through your reading.

Many of our clients find that it is much easier to pay for their reading in advance using a credit card. All you have to do is phone one of these numbers, and speak to one of our staff, who will take your booking -and may even be able to advise you on the best type of reading for you. All the numbers on this page are Freephone

Credit Card Bookings


Prices vary according to the length of time booked, and you will of course be clearly advised of the cost before the booking is finalised. Your chosen reader will then phone you back at a time convenient to yourself. Usually this will be immediately, unless you have requested to speak to a specific reader, or require a specialist in a particular field -in which case we will locate that person as soon as we can. Many people actually find a Credit Card Reading is cheaper that a Live Line one as the reader knows in advance the area of life to concentrate on, which means that they can work far faster.


Dedicated lines:

  • Love and Romance 08000 670 590
  • Mediumship 08000 670 591
  • Tarot 08000 670 592
  • Divine Angels 08000 670 593
  • Wiccan 08000 670 595
  • Astrology 08000 670 596
  • Past Lives 08000 670 597
  • Crystal Readings 08000 670 598
  • Ghost Buster 08000 670 599
  • Dream Interpretation 08000 670 704