Q: What exactly is a Psychic?

A: Good question!!! We all have “psychic” ability. It is the natural sensitivity with which we understand the emotions of children, animals, and hopefully our nearest and dearest. Much of this is done through telepathy. An experienced Psychic is able to extend this to everyone he or she meets.

Q: What then is a Clairvoyant?

A: Literally “A Clear Seer”. This word has two meanings. Firstly, it can mean a person who actually sees the spirit world, (a clairaudient is someone who hears it). This abilities is a mediumship skill. On this web site, we use the word to mean a reader who sees clearly into the future.

Q: So how what do you mean when you say someone is a "Medium"?

A: Mediumship is a very specific term. It describes the ability to act as a communicator (ie translator) between this world and the “other side” A medium is simply the channel by which those who have died are able to pass messages to people still on this physical plane.

Q: How do I know that I am speaking to a genuine Psychic or Clairvoyant or Medium?

A: We work as part of the UK based TheCircle and TheCircle depends for it's reputation in only allowing genuine psychics to work on it's lines. Each reader is carefully screened and rigorously tested to make sure that they are capable of giving genuine psychic readings, and are only allowed to continue to work for the Circle if they are able to maintain a very high standard of accuracy.

Q: I can easily get a free reading over the Net. Why should I pay for one?

A: Really? And who are these generous so called "psychics" who have time to sit by their computers 24 hours a day, just dispensing wonderfully accurate free readings? Who is paying for their meals and mortgages?

Pete writes: Please, please email us if you know how "they" do it. I'd love to meet their sponsor!!!

I'm afraid that there is no such thing as the proverbial "free lunch" and these so called "readings" are either pure nonsense, or are cleverly computer generated ways of eventually parting you from your money or harvesting your email details (which are then sold on to Spammers)! On our lines you will be talking one to one with a highly gifted individual. And the information you will receive will be accurate and beyond price.

Q: What type of reading will I get?

A: Well, that depends on the reader that you choose to connect to! We are all individuals and each one of us has slightly different skills. So sometimes you might prefer to talk to a card reader, at other times you might need to contact a medium -and of course sometimes of course an Astrologer, such as Pete Green.

If you would like to know more about the various methods used by clairvoyants, then the links on the top of the page might be of help.

We also suggest that before phoning us you have a look at the page on "How to make the most of your reading"

Q: Why are the calls recorded?

A: This is a government requirement for all telephone services, and is for your protection. If (for example) a reader was discourteous, or breached our high ethical standards, then you would, of course, quite rightly complain. The recording of the conversation would then be located -and if your complaint was justified then the reader would be instantly dismissed. However, please rest assured that this highly unlikely to happen as all our readers are genuinely very gentle caring people! We can promise you that all readings are totally confidential, and no unauthorised person has access to a recording.

Q: What are these government regulations?

A: The official standards body which controls the operation of all U.K. telephone service providers is known as PhonePayPlus. They have a written set of rules, which if broken, could lead to the whole service being suspended. If you want to know more about these regulations, then please phone our Customer Services line.

Q: Where do all these psychics come from?

A: The Circle recruits only the best psychics from all over the U.K. We all work from our own homes, so you will be speaking privately to your personal reader who is relaxing in their own arm-chair or study -not to some stranger in an anonymous call-centre. As you can imagine, the technology by which we manage to do that is very complex, "state-of-the-art" stuff! But it works, (most of the time!!!)

Q: Is there a number I can ring if I have any other questions about the TheCircle?

A: Of course, just ring 0800 0673 330 (open 9-5pm)

Q: Why should I pay to have my dreams interpreted? My best friend will do it for nothing!

A: Yes, but that is also the problem. Your best friend (or Auntie Mabel) knows you only too well. They know your intimate fantasies, hopes and desires -and because of that they may well end up telling you the obvious. A dream expert is a neutral outsider and has been specially trained to look beyond any superficial explanation and are able give you an unbiased interpretation of what your dreams may be telling you

To confuse matters:


All Mediums and Clairvoyants are “Psychic”.

But not all Clairvoyants are Mediums.

And of course not all Mediums are Clairvoyant.

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