When we have relationship problems it often seems that there is no way out. Everyone involved becomes trapped, and everything seems to go round in circles. Very often an outsider is able to see exactly what is going wrong, ad is able to help you see the solution to your difficulties

Our team of highly sensitive and intuitive relationship advisers are able to use their special skills in order to give you some clues as to how you can sort things out.

For a Love and Romance Reading, phone 0906 176 1590 £1.50/min*, or use Free phone 08000 670 590 if you prefer to make a Credit Card booking

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There are of course many ways of trying to understand that strange magical attraction known as "compatibility".
So we can offer you a choice of experts to talk to
Astrology: Visit the Astrology Page
Tarot: Visit the Tarot Section
Mediumship: Visit Mediumship
Past Lives: Visit Reincarnation

  • An Astrologer will use an ancient art known as synastry to compare your birth chart with your partner’s. This not only shows the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship, but also the way the charts evolve and change will tell you when the highs (and the lows) are likely to occur. Phone (free) on 08000 670 596 to arrange a Credit Card booking with a professional astrologer
  • A Tarot reader will look at the Psychic worlds surrounding you both, and will be able to see where those worlds match. Live Line phone 0906 176 1592 £1.50/min*. Credit Cards phone 08000 670 592
  • A Medium will take advice from the “other side”. Would Granny approve? Maybe she knows something that you don’t know! Live Line phone 0906 176 1591 £1.50/min*. Credit Cards phone 08000 670 591
  • A Past Life Specialist will be interested in finding out not only whether you have been connected in the past, but also whether that past connection was a good or a bad one. Readings by Credit Card only Free phone 08000 670 597
  • And of course our Love and Relationships experts specialise in, well, Love and Relationships! The Love and Romance Live Line phone number is 0906 176 1590 £1.5o/min*. Credit Card bookings: phone 08000 670 590

*All phone calls cost £1.50 per minute plus your network charges & you must be 18 or over to use this service.
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