The Runic alphabet probably dates from around 400 AD, and was used by the Vikings, as well as the Anglo Saxons. Each rune has a name, an image and it’s own ability to influence. No-one messes with the runes! They are used in a similar way to the Tarot -but tend to give much more blunt answers. Like Tarot, works very well over the phone

STRENGTHS: Blunt and down to earth

WEAKNESSES: Not very subtle


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A very ancient Chinese style of divination, based on the concept of opposites (Yin and Yang) and the way these balance, and then change. Not very often met in this country, but if used correctly can be very accurate in finding the unusual or unexpected change. The I Ching is actually a book, (the name means ‘The Book of Change’ ), and the reading is done by using Yarrow sticks, coins or (less accurately) cards. A bit long and complicated for using over the phone

STRENGTHS Acts like a very independent counsellor, and cannot be influenced by the reader’s opinions

WEAKNESSES Tends to speak in Chinese riddles, and will always favour keeping things as they are!


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