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Your telephone is your personal key into

The World of the Psychics

For a (live) Telephone Psychics Reading , simply phone
0906 176 0699 £1.50/min*
at any time of the day or night.

We will connect you directly to one of our experienced Telephone Psychics who will be able to use their skills to look closely into how your life is expanding and changing. The readings that our Psychics can give over the telephone can help you see the path your life appears to be following, and especially how to cope with any possible problems, such as those which can occur in relationships and work.

Our Telephone Psychics are able to give readings and interpret the images that they see around you, and will try to reach a fuller understanding of the purpose of your life. In order to give you one of the best possible readings, our Telephone Psychics specialise in one or more of the skills described elsewhere on this site.

Get up to 7 minutes FREE when you book by Credit Card. Dial Free Phone 0800 067 8699

If you would like to try another type of reading,

Why not read more about us, and what we do so that you can choose the type of reading that you feel would be the best one for you personally?

All the information that you need is on the "About Us" page


*All phone calls cost £1.50 per minute plus your network charges & you must be 18 or over to use this service.
UK Service provider: Stream Live Ltd, PO Box 1222, Norwich NR15 1WL. Customer service: 0800 0673 330 (open 9-5pm).
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