Telephone Readings -and how to get the most from them!

A Psychic Reading

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Unless you have booked a Credit Card telephone reading, you will be charged £1.53 per minute, which will be added to your telephone bill. The maximum length of a reading for a UK caller is 18 minutes -at which point the call will be automatically disconnected. This gives a maximum cost of £30 per telephone reading -which may seem a lot, until you consider that a personal home visit from the same psychic would cost at least £50 plus expenses, and a reading at a Psychic Fayre can cost £25 or more -and is unlikely to last any longer. Plus the fact that when you go ta a Psychic Fayre you have to travel to the venue and then there is an an entrance fee of between £5-£10. (Our American friends can double that to give the price in dollars!) For your £1.53 per minute you will be connected to a highly experienced specialist reader. Also if you become dissatisfied with a telephone reading, all you have to do is hang up the phone and you'll only be charged for the time you've used.

However, if you want to get the best value for money, then here are a few tips

  • Have a clear idea of why you are ringing us! It sometimes helps to jot down a few questions before picking up the telephone.
  • Have a pencil and paper handy in case your reader may needs to give you a specialist telephone number or a contact address
  • Also, this may sound obvious but it's a good idea to turn the radio or television off before you ring us! It is surprising how often people forget to do this, and then have to waste time in order to get rid of the background noise. Also, if it is still switched on, your mobile ’phone is guaranteed to ring at the wrong moment!
  • Our service means that you can choose the reader who you feel is most suited to you. So it does help to have already decided whether you would prefer to talk to a tarot card reader, an astrologer or a medium. However these do overlap, and many of our readers are experts in more than one field.
  • Your reader will ask you for your name and date of birth. This is actually a Government PhonePayPlus requirement, but it is also the basic information needed for an astrology reading. It is not essential to know your time of birth, but if you can find it out before you phone, then this will be very useful if you decide to have a reading from an astrologer.
  • Don't expect your reader to be instantly "all knowing and all seeing" The more you "block" the reading by trying to test us, the longer it takes to make that essential "psychic link", and the more wary the psychic will become of giving important information. Please remember that ALL the psychic readers who work with us have already been thoroughly tested to make sure that they have a genuine ability. No one is allowed to work on our lines before they have convinced us that they are genuine, accurate and ethical psychics
  • A good session becomes a relaxed two way conversation between you and your psychic. The more comfortable the two of you feel, the more the reading will evolve ad flow. Don't be surprised if some comment doesn't immediately make sense to you. We find that very very often a client will deny something -only to realise later that the reader had been completely accurate over some incident that had temporarily forgotten about .
  • If you are satisfied -then give your friends our number. If you are dissatisfied, -then telephone our Customer Services!
  • Enjoy your reading

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